Client: MS ERP implementation specialist

Task: Market entry into UK for a SME from USA

Challenge: No UK references; Correction needed in their delivery model for UK

Solution: Created brand awareness in key MS events; Acquired 3 new clients for ERP maintenance; Signed up with SI for global ERP roll-outs;

Benefit: Acquired two new logos. Long term Technical support contracts

Client: System Integrator

Task: Acquire new logos in Managed services and Analytics

Challenge: Tough competition; No certified professionals; No UK references

Solution: Tools specific centre of excellence created (Azure and Qlik). Played on their strength in ERP and RIM services; Conducted targeted campaign in Retail vertical

Benefit: Acquired two new logos with long term Technical support contracts

Client: Insurance ISV

Task: Implement Sales Process and Procedure and create a new Sales & Marketing team

Challenge: Product built on legacy technology. Large maintenance overheads. Not multi-lingual. No Sales

Solution: Identify best practices; Train the sales & marketing teams in standard conventions and tools; Work with the team for compliance and improvement of the process. Advised to build Web/Mobile extensions to improve user interface.

Benefit: Increased clarity on roles & commitment by members of Sales, Presales, Technical teams; Predictable revenue stream established; Revenue Doubled year on year.

Client: Fieldservice ISV

Task: Product launch in UK & Europe

Challenge: Large established players. Evolving solution. Maturing industry. New Technology adoption and  User expectations were changing dynamically.

Solution: Study competition & identify our product’s key differentiators; Right pricing and solutioning after studying existing players in the market; Assisted in Localisation for Europe; Established Sales Channel for 3 European countries. Conducted Roadshows and exhibited in Industry specific events.

Benefit: New accounts in UK and 4 European countries; Signed up Product licenses and long running support contracts resulting in steady revenue from UK&E markets.

Client: Healthtech Startup

Task:Test Marketing within Greater London

Challenge: Start-up with a new concept; uncharted territory; Not experienced in B2B sales

Solution:Identified B2B sales possibilities in various Industry verticals. Conducted Test Marketing and Selling exercise to understand Market expectations, price points, and gap in the services offered by other vendors.

Benefit:Pricing Strategy backed by Market research. Signed up 2 Channel partners.

Client: Third Party Testing Service Provider

Task:Testing services from a near-shore facility for ISVs in Northern Europe

Challenge: High competition; difficult to cut out the USP; Language issues

Solution: Identified early stage SME ISVs that need quick turn-around in getting their products checked for Quality. Established a process for Product Release management with Quality as its core value.

Benefit: Customer outsourced Quality management and focused in improving the Product functionality and features.