RVA resells products and services of leading Technology and Infrastructure providers.
RVA passes on the benefits of bulk (volume) purchase to its clients.
RVA is open to form Alliance partnership with companies which value the mutual benefits
in collaboration, co-marketing, and complementing in order to
provide the best value service to the customer.

This is a Canadian Listed company which provides B2B Cloud service
such as colocation, network connectivity, managed hosting
and security services.

This is a USA HQ company providing application management services,
IT infrastructure outsourcing, hosting, and managed
cloud services in Azure, Google cloud, and AWS.

EEA is a group of fast growing technology companies from Emergin European
countries who aspire to grow, expand across the globe. RVA is an
active partner helping EEA member companies grow across the
world, and also help other companies wanting to
do business with EEA members.

UK Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce is a NGO body that promotes business
collaboration between SMEs from UK and Tamil Nadu, India.
UKTNCC conducts workshops, seminars, and other business events to network,
advice, and forge alliances. RVA is an active partner playing
the Advisory and Coaching role.